In the press

Magazines and the press in general have devoted many articles to the research carried out into the disappearance of the La Pérouse expedition.

In libraries

Over nine hundred books and publications contribute to the renown of one of the greatest French expeditions in history, the unfulfilled dream of a king.

"Les liens de l'Histoire"

Films by Yves Bourgeois, which looks back at the highlights of the last four excavation campaigns in Vanikoro, on the trail of La Pérouse.
  • Travaux archéologiques sous-marin
  • Les forçats des Abysses
  • Le naufrage virtuel
  • Travaux de recherches à Vanikoro d'Yves Bourgeois

On screens

A 52-minute film was produced in 1986 by Marti Georgeff for Australian television. Since then, Yves Bourgeois has produced four documentary films. These films, which were widely broadcast on television channels, embark us on a fabulous historical quest to unravel the mystery of La Pérouse.

The VANIKORO MYSTERY - 2001 / 52’

In 1785, Louis XVI entrusts Captain La Pérouse with the greatest round-the-world exploration expedition. Aboard two ships, the Boussole and the Astrolabe, sailors, officers and scholars are set to travel the oceans, at all latitudes and in all weather. In 1788, the navigator and his two hundred and twenty crew are shipwrecked in the South Pacific. The "La Pérouse mystery" begins... Over the past twenty five years, seven research expeditions have been carried out by the Association Salomon to shed light on the fate of this celebrated expedition.

"Portés disparus" - 2003 / 1h30

The second expedition in the South Pacific, in Vanikoro, where La Pérouse was shipwrecked, during a cyclone, one night in 1788, when both ships went down. The aim is to find the "treasure" sought by scientists, their collections, their discoveries. On land, 35 days of excavation are fruitless. It is at sea that "the" discovery is made: the skeleton of a European man aged between 35 and 45. A full-blown investigation begins.

"Le secret des déferlantes" - 2005 / 1h30

The third expedition to Vanikoro, where La Pérouse was shipwrecked in 1788. The underwater site dubbed "La Faille", with its wealth of archaeological finds, proves to be the resting place of La Pérouse's ship the Boussole. No sailors probably survived the storm. The other ship however, the Astrolabe, grounded, leading to the hypothesis of a survivors' camp on land.

"Au delà d’un naufrage" - 2009 / 1h20

The final instalment of a thrilling investigation into the disappearance of the La Pérouse expedition. This voyage to discover the world, the greatest conducted since the Enlightenment, commissioned by King Louis XVI in 1785, came to an end three years later when the vessels disappeared in the South Pacific.